As a chiropractor in practice for over twenty years, it is very important that I keep myself healthy. The physical demands of adjusting many families and individuals week in and week out can really wear the body down. Chiropractors are notorious for skeletal conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and shoulder injuries. To prevent such problems, I have always gone to a chiropractor on a weekly basis and kept to a strict exercise routine of running twenty miles a week and lifting weights for a minimum of one hour three times a week. I always looked at it as an investment in my future as a chiropractor.

In April of 2003, I achieved a personal goal that had been a dream - I rode my motorcycle from Bradley Beach, New Jersey to San Francisco, California (3017 miles) in 46 1/2 hrs. When I finished and for days later my arms and shoulders ached from the ride.  I didn't look at my bike for a week.

Soon after that a friend of mine introduced me to Sarah Mcgregor who train people using the super-slow method. I had read about it and thought I would give it a try. I was intrigued by the concept of reducing my time in the gym without losing strength.

From the very beginning of my training with Michael I saw a big difference. It was amazing to me how a half hour session could do so much. As the weeks went by I soon noticed my running improving and I increased my distance to thirty miles a week. In May I did another motorcycle rally - an endurance run that lasted 48 hrs. Not only did I feel fine when the event was over (no soreness), I felt so strong that I canceled my hotel reservation and rode the extra 230 miles home.

I would highly recommend the Mr Offen's, Medx Rehabilitative Exercise and Fitness program and it has contributed greatly to my overall health while reducing the time needed to train and stay fit.

A. Danielle.


After the birth of my second child, I found it more difficult to get back into shape.  At the same time, I realized I could not devote 1 1 hrs a few days a week to get to the gym.  Super Slow is the solution to a busy lifestyle.  For a relatively short period of time, you exert a great deal of energy for real results.  It's the most efficient workout I've ever done.  Along with a sensible diet, you really can reshape your body.  I've always lacked upper body strength and definition that I've achieved now, for a more well-proportioned appearance. 

Super Slow is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity for continued strength and fitness.

L. Krall  (Midwife)

I have been a client of Michael Offen for the past 2 1/2 years.  I am impressed with his dedicated passion about the Super Slow method. 

He pays close personal attention to the needs of their clients.  This is the only workout in which I have received no injuries.  This is due in part to the type of equipment as well as their knowledge of training and the body.  I have always had a pattern of starting an exercise routine, joining gyms and quitting after a few months.  Medx Rehabilitative Exercise and Fitness is the only exercise program that I have stuck with.  I attribute this to Michael's professional and caring attitude as well as the results I see.

A. Marks (Special Ed Teacher)

My husband, Herb, and I have always been committed to a healthy lifestyle.  The most difficult issue for us was the exercise component.  We would join and then quit health clubs, or buy gym equipment but not use it.  When I heard about the super slow method I was intrigued and decided to investigate.

Mike is an excellent  trainer/coach in every sense of the word.  They encourage you to believe in yourself and push you to your limit while creating a positive "I can do it" atmosphere.  They are ever mindful of using the equipment correctly and maintaining correct form at all times.  As our trainers, they have tirelessly worked to promote a healthy lifestyle for us.

We have been in the Medx Rehabilitative Exercise and Fitness program for over three years.  The one-on-one personal attention and honest caring attitude of Michael have helped us both to develop a lifelong commitment to this healthy strength training routine.  It has made us feel stronger, look better and has enabled us to develop a sensible approach to fitness.

B. Nalitt. (Elementary School Teacher)

H. Nalitt. (Manufacturer's Rep)

There is no better bang for your buck when it comes to an efficient exercise.  This is an intense strength training routine which takes little time and gives great results.

C. Pearson.  (E.R. Nurse.  Mom of 4 boys.)

 Medx Rehabilitative Exercise and Fitness gives me much more than I expected. A sort time working out with two wonderfully competent and caring trainers I have renewed strength and flexibility in my body, especially my legs, ankles and feet. I sleep better and have an overall sense of well-being. I haven't felt this positive about my physical abilities for quite a few years. It's as it the clock has been turned for me. I would recommend this gym to anyone of any age or physical shape.

Bob. D. 70 yo.