Women’s Love Affair with Aerobics…Good or Bad?

 Nike, Reebok, Adidas and others have spent millions of dollars to make you believe the best way to get a terrific body is to run, cycle, swim and perform aerobic exercise of all types until you drop from exhaustion.  Right…Wrong!!!!! Sorry the truth is that unless you were born with designer genes (not jeans) you will never have what is considered a really drop dead gorgeous body…regardless of what type of exercise you do. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve tremendously on what nature gave you. You can and quickly too!  But you won’t improve one iota unless you engage in high intensity strength training!! No other type of exercise is going to change the shape of your body for the better faster and as safely…and performing more than just the very minimum of any aerobic exercise will reduce your results from HIT to almost nothing.  This is true simply because any amount of aerobic exercise literally causes the human body to lose lean muscle mass. The more aerobic exercise you do the more lean muscle mass you lose, you grow weaker, your % of body fat increases and you dematerialize your bones. All you are left with is bone, fat, skin if you perform enough aerobic exercise and no strength training.  Witness the emaciated, prison camp appearance of marathon runners.

 What it boils down to is this.  You probably want to look as good as you can look and be as healthy as you can be.  You are willing to do just about anything to achieve the above, pay whatever price that is necessary, perform whatever exercise that is recommended by the “experts”.  However we can tell you that most of what is being recommended by the so-called experts is malarkey. From the standpoint of exercise all that is required for the best results is a high intensity strength-training program…a program lasting approximately 20-30 minutes and preformed twice a week.  This program will add body-shaping muscle to your frame, increase your bone density, raise your metabolism, enhance your flexibility to optimum levels and relieve stress like nothing else.  The addition of any separate steady state aerobic training will immediately start to reduce the benefits from your HIT program. We are not saying don’t do any recreational activity… Swim, Bike, do Tai Chi, Surf, Play Golf, Cross Country Ski, etc. They are FUN and very beneficial however they are nowhere near as effective for achieving all the benefits a properly supervised HIT SUPERSLOW exercise program provides!    The key is to do the precise most effective and least amount of exercise necessary to achieve your goals. NOT THE MOST YOUR BODY CAN TOLERATE!!! 

Regardless of your age or present condition come and try the best and safest workout there is!   

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