About Us

Since our founding , Medx Rehabilitative Exercise and Fitness has had one primary goal – to help our clients achieve their personal best in health and fitness in the safest, most effective, and time efficient manner possible. We knew back then, and we're even more convinced today, that mainstream fitness centers, gyms, and health clubs are not conducive to achieving this goal. These facilities are crowded, noisy, unfocused, hot, filled with obstacles and distractions, and largely unsupervised – all of which prevent even those with the best intentions and motivation from achieving their goals.

For these express reasons, and more, Medx Rehabilitative Exercise and Fitness was created specifically to escape the "adult romper room" atmosphere found it today's health clubs and fitness centers. Everything about our facility and exercise program is created with your results in mind. We've removed the barriers and obstacles that prevent proper exercise and impede results. We provide a private, quiet, distraction free, temperature controlled environment designed to aid concentration and maximize performance.

Our equipment lineup is unrivaled by any area fitness center. We've gone to great lengths to equip ourselves with the best equipment on the market – and then make it even better with exclusive, custom designed modifications and retrofits. In effect, we've supercharged our equipment to get improved performance and provide a more productive workout for you.

Our unique exercise program is scientifically based, research proven, and time-tested. We are not aware of any other approach to exercise capable of stimulating as wide array of benefits as our program from so little time spent exercising.

Finally, your personal Medx Rehabilitative Exercise and Fitness instructor observes, coaches, and facilitates all your exercise sessions, ensuring a safe and productive workout. Crucial performance variables are analyzed and adjusted for optimal workout effectiveness, and detailed records are maintained to help ensure continued progress and achievement of your goals.


Medx Rehabilitative Exercise and Fitness

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