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Four Reasons WHY!!


1.   1. A properly supervised Medx Rehabilitative Exercise and Fitness High-Intensity /low-force SUPERSLOW exercise personal training program is the safest most effective exercise protocol currently available!! There are many advanced techniques that just can’t be done on your own that will dramatically increase your progress. Hyper, negative only, negative accentuated can only be preformed with proper supervision.

2. Beginners are often tempted to listen to gym rats who preach multiple sets, multiple reps and explosively fast training styles that always cause injury and over-training or revert to less intense, less safe and less productive styles of training. Medx Rehabilitative Exercise and Fitness Exercise and Fitness keeps you healthy, always training with proper form and body mechanics to achieve the maximum results in the minimum time with no injuries.

3. Medx Rehabilitative Exercise and Fitness personal training clients train an average of one hour a week. They rarely do supplemental steady state aerobic exercise. Due to the intense nature of our unique, high-intensity program, they derive increased strength, increased lean muscle mass, decreased body fat, greater bone density, improve their cardio respiratory system, and enhance their flexibility all in two 20-30 minute sessions a week! Benefits that cannot be duplicated by any other training program in so little time! We don’t discourage recreational activity i.e. Golf, Swimming, Biking, or any other sport or activity you enjoy! However they are not the safest or the most efficient exercise, they are recreational activity!

4. Time is money! You don’t need 6-20 hours a week of “exercise” to derive maximum health benefits. The latest scientific research clearly shows that properly performed High-Intensity/low-force Superslow exercise yields maximum health benefits in two 20-30 minute sessions a week. Medx Rehabilitative Exercise and Fitness Personal Training makes brief, intense and infrequent workouts not only possible, but also a requirement for the best results. Our clients are educated, intelligent and busy professionals, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Physical Therapists, Marketing Professionals, and Personal Trainers. They achieve in 50 hours a year of training what other people, training in other unproductive and unsafe manners do not achieve in 500!! They are not wasting their valuable time on worthless “exercise” that other gyms and so-called expert trainers recommend and they do not get injured!!



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